Fantasy and music are closely intertwined, particularly in folk and Celtic music, but also in some less expected genres. To close each day in style, come and discover the best international artists of the genres.

Timings will be announced soon.

Friday 22 April 2011

Naheulbeuk (f)

The Donjon de Naheulbeuk started as an online podcast parody of the role playing world, and very quickly became a hit. It then evolved into a bad, a comic book, novels and very soon, a TV-show! Naheulbeuk, or Naheulband for friends, is a band with deliciously mad shows, in perfect symbiosis with the public that takes part in the craziness. The folk music of Naheulband can be found in their 3 CDs: Machins de Taverne, A Poil dans la Forêt and Grimoire Audio. Don' tmiss it!



Dunkelschön (d)

Dunkelschön is a medieval Celtic folk band, founded in 2004 and authors of 4 albums already! They have been on the scenes of many big festivals and will present, among others, their last album, Katharsis.


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Borrachoz (b)

Founded in 1991 by a bunch of friends, Borrachoz quickly gained a reputation in the area of Liège, their home town, with their Celtic-inspired music. Some say it's the ideal music to drink to, others say it's groovy and yet others somehow find themselves dancing around, holding each other by their pinkies. With over 300 concerts since 1992, three tours in Bretagne, a CD (1998) and some great scenes on their track record, they are still there… come and judge for yourself!


Zaterdag 23 april 2011

Medieval Baebes (uk)

Medieval Baebes is a voice combo founded in 1997, composed solely of young ladies. Their repertoire mainly includes original medieval compositions. They have recorded 8 albums, including a live and a best of, as well as the original score of the TV-series The Virgin Queen. Their shows are a combination of charm and vocal performances… Come and enjoy the magic!


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Faun (d)

Faun is a quintet that produces Celtic and medieval-inspired melodies in a repertoire of traditional pieces, adaptations and original compositions that carry the listener into a timeless world. Traditional sounds harmoniously mix with electro sounds. Their sixth album, Buch der Balladen, is now out, and it is the second time they come to Trolls & Légendes, after a brilliant performance in 2007.


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L’Effet Défée (f)

L'Effet Défée is a quattuor from Rennes, mixing prog-rock, jazz, metal and many other genres to bring to mind the encounter of fairies and humans. Lyrical melodies and powerful sounds come together under the heavenly voice of a soprano which brings to mind Kate Bush or Björk. Their first album, Al Trop, is out on the label Prikosnovénie.


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Iliana (b)

This Pagan Folk band, born in 2009 around the singer of AumgaiA has many influences ranging from multiethnic and medieval , coloured by Celtic and Nordic legends, occasionally sung in Creole, adding to the atmosphere a touch of magic and fairy. In the band, the ex-drummer of Omnia and the violin player of Les Légendes du Temps.



Sunday 24 April 2011

Coruvs Corax (d)

Corvus Corax is one of the first bands to bring rock into authentic and traditional medieval music. True to the spirit of minstrels, the band members have gathered melodies found in libraries throughout their many travels, studying them and paying interest to the daily life of their forefathers and adopting their way of life. They have rebuilt ancient instruments, improved them thaks to their experience and used them to forge rhythms and melodies into a new, contemporary music style. This way, Corvus Corax have influenced the whole European music movement, with a career that brought them all over the world with their spectacular shows that bring together power, feast and mystery.


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Infrawarrior feat. Monica Richards (USA)

Monica Richards brings her personas of 'InfraWarrior' to vivid life with an interactive multimedia performance. Fueled by her work with the Feminine and the Familiar, Monica Richards is planning a not-to-be-missed show based on Matriarchal mythological themes with all the cultural echoes, elements and seasonal faces they present.
With a full filmic event behind her, this performance is not a live concert but an innovative artistic event. Like theater, the film will interact with Monica on every song to create a living art piece. Each part will convey a different concept of her personas, creating an image of Woman both powerful and vulnerable through her interaction with the live audience as well as the film behind her. The connection between Women and Nature is a prominent theme in Monica's work, this presentation will include natural materials such as leaves, stones and branches to express this relationship.
In over twenty years as a front woman in Underground music, Monica Richards has a far reaching reputation of the highest respect for her powerful voice and theatrical stage presence. Her sharp, intelligent lyrics and musical talents are the highlights of Faith and the Muse as well as her solo music. This upcoming InfraWarrior performance art installation underlines that she belongs in the Avante Garde of today's music, forever changing, evolving and true to herself.


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Keltia (b)

The band around the eponymous singer and musician is part of the new Belgian gothic alternative scene, but defines itself as post-folk. Their very visual music cleverly combines traditional Celtic harp, alto violin and alectric and acoustic guitars on a deep rhythm of ethnic percussions and didgeridoo. Celtic, medieval, Nordic and Oriental influences come together around a heavenly voice and themes inspired from mythology and fantasy literature.


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Seventh Harmonic (UK)

'A band like this should have every chance of enjoying the status the Cocteaus once held in the 80's' - Mick Mercer

Seventh Harmonic are an all-female neo-classical ensemble formed in Autumn 1999, creating sensual euphoric dreamscapes which draw on a great diversity of influences. The music blends an intoxicating kaleidoscope of rhythmic intensity and soaring vocals with ethno-symphonic overtures, defying categorisation yet always beating with a dark romantic heart.
The project went into hibernation in 2004 - the remaining members joined Sol Invictus who went on to play with Arcana in Autumn 2008, and a friendship was formed between the two bands which led to Ann-Mari from Arcana offering to sing for Seventh Harmonic a year later. The band have recently featured in a number of appearances on the 2010 European festival circuit, including Wave Gotik Treffen, Waregem Gothic Festival, and Summer Darkness. A new album is being worked on and is scheduled for release in May 2011 on Out of Line Records.


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