What safety measures should be followed?
Due to the current context, additional safety measures are applied and will be strictly enforced:

  • Only artificial weapons (sword, dagger ...) made of plastic or latex are allowed on the festival site. They are totally forbidden during the concerts (they can be left at the cloakroom). Metallic weapons bought on the festival will be packed by the seller and cannot be unpacked on the site.
  • Wearing mask is tolerated inside the festival but the access to the festival must be done with uncovered face.
  • Bags at the entrance will be systematically controlled. This might thus generate additional waiting lines. We therefore advise you to avoid bags.
     In case of unforeseen situation, in accordance to the principle of precaution, safety officers will take decisions  and always have the last word. If you are denied access for security reasons, no refund will be possible.
  • Security checks will be carried out on both sites : the Lotto Mons Expo and  the Micx.

Trolls & Legends wants to maintain good relations with its neighbourhoods . Any inappropriate behavior on the site or in the surrounding area  is to be avoided and could lead to a definitive exclusion of the festival. No refunds will be possible.


Who is behind Trolls & Legends ?
Trolls & Légendes is organized by the non-profit association Trolls & Légendes, in collaboration with Anthêsis and the ‘La Cuvée des Trolls’. Its members are passionate Fantasy volunteers. Profits that could be generated by the current edition of the festival are fully invested in the next edition.


How to access the festival?
The festival is settled on 2 sites: the Lotto Mons Expo and the MICX.  However each visitor must first go only via the entrance through the Lotto Mons Expo. On presentation of your ticket, a bracelet will be delivered to you. It will give access to both sites.
It is not possible to obtain an access bracelet on the site of the MICX. The visitor must go to the entrance of the Lotto Mons Expo first.


What are the festival schedules?
Festival :
   Friday 14/04      from 11:00 to 20:00
   Saturday 15/04 from 10:00 to 19:00
   Sunday 16/04   from 10:00 to 19:00

Concerts :
Each day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) : from 18:30 to 0:30

Games Section :

Friday (only) : till 00:30

Is the festival easily accessible by train?

Yes. Since the construction of the bridge linking the station of Mons to the quarter of the Lotto Mons Expo, the site can be reached from the station on foot in only a few minutes.

Is the introduction of food and drink on the festival allowed?
No. Prices are kept as low as possible. Selling drinks and food brings revenues that are vital for the existence of the festival. This is why the introduction of food and drink is prohibited.
Tap water can be provided free of charges, both during the day on the festival and in the evening during the concerts. Only a deposit for the container (cup, glass)  will be claimed. Deposit  will be refunded when the container is returned.

How to buy food and drink on the festival?
The sale of food and drink is done by means of tokens.  Token boxes are sold on various places throughout  the site.  When buying  a drink, a token is required as a deposit for its container (cup, glass..). This token is given back to you when returning the container. Unused tokens are refundable.


Is  the car park free of charge?
The car park is free on the Lotto Mons Expo parking area . The City of Mons has authorized access to another  parking site (see plan and schedule). Please follow the stewards instructions.


Can tickets be purchased on the festival site?
Yes. There will be a point of sale for that purpose.  However, for  security reasons,  the site manager is likely to interrupt our tickets sale or access to the site for a while ....  Please note that  when  the festival is sold out, no sale on the spot will be possible. Anyone holding a ticket purchased in presale will be able to access the festival.  If the festival is sold out, information will be widely spread on the website and on social networks. We can only advise you to buy your tickets on presale.


Why are drinks more expensive than in supermarkets?

We try to set the most affordable prices but selling drinks and food on the festival is a major financial income, allowing the festival to keep on existing.


Why are the tickets more expensive than announced?
The advertised prices are those perceived by the organization. On the online shop, a commission from the reseller and bank charges must be added.


Are all festival activities included in the ticket price?
Yes, except the photos with an actor and photo signing (more detail in the cinema tab).
This is the only exception.


Do I have to buy a book to access the book signing lines?
Yes indeed. In literature, you only have to buy a book of your choice to be allowed to seek a signature of any author (and not necessarily from the author whose book you have just bought). In the comics section,  the purchase of an album gives right to a ‘signing book’ ticket of any author of your choice (1 single dedication per person and per author). You can only get two tickets per day.


Can we bring our own book to get it autographed?
Yes, but the purchase of a book on site remains necessary to join the signing lines.


Will the listed artists be present during the three days?

Most of the guests will be present during the three days from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. See more details on our Map & schedule page.


Are there photographers accredited by the festival?
Yes. They are recognizable by their badge. Trolls & Légendes is likely to post photos taken by them on its site and on social networks. You can always refuse get on a picture. If you happen to appear on a photo without your consent, you can ask us to delete it from our site or our social networks by sending an email to the address info@trolls-et-legendes.be. Trolls & Legends is not responsible for photos taken by non-accredited photographers or festival-goers.


Which band plays and when?
Details are given in our Map & schedules page.


Are we allowed to come and go and come back again?
Yes. You can come and go as you please, according to the schedule of the festival and the concerts. (See opening hours).


Will there be any cloakroom?

Yes, a supervised cloakroom will be open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can leave your belongings there. Nevertheless, no room is provided to the public to dress up.


What are the accommodation possibilities around the festival?

Mons and its region have a wide and varied hotel park. A campsite is available at the Rugby Club of Mons, within the limits of availabilities.


Are animals allowed?

For hygiene and security reason, we regretfully inform you that we cannot accept your haired and feathered friends.


Can we pay with credit card?

Yes. You can use the main payment cards (Bancontact, VISA, Bleue, Master Card) at the entrance and at the token desk. It is also possible to withdraw cash.


Is there any cash machine on the site?

It is possible to withdraw cash at the cash point with main payment cards (Bancontact, VISA, Bleue, Master Card).


Are cheques accepted?

Unfortunately not.


How to hire a stand at Trolls & Legends?
By writing to one of the addresses on our contact page only.



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