More than ever, the animations will be enjoyable fantasy bubbles for great and small. A promise of enchantment for all of you! Creative workshops will be organized. Amazing and extravagant characters will appear to you. Storytellers will declaim for the pleasure of your ears and your heart. Music will flow to rhythm your walk

Again our traditions will be kept : a costume contest, cosplay and an egg hunt will be organized.


Cosplay & costume Contests 

As always, Trolls & Légendes will organize 2 costume contests on the outdoors stage. The aldults contest takes place on Saturday whereas the children contest happens on Sunday.

The timetables are indicated on the tab information/ Maps & schedules.


How to participate?

There are 2 ways:

The Compagnie des Fourvoyeurs will walk the festival in search of costumed people and will ask them to participate to the contest. They will give them a registration form which will be validated by a bracelet enabling the candidate to enter the contest stage.Take care if your costume does not please them ...

You can register spontaneously at the outdoors stage.

What is the contest all about ?

3 prizes will be given :

  • the most beautiful costume
  • the most beautiful scenography (the way you move on stage)
  • the Jury's hart stroke


What are the prizes ?

The contest will allow the winners to spend 50€ on the market the same day.
Please note that the prize is only valid one day!



The great egg hunt of Phoenix - Kaernunos (b)

Your children will face the powerful wizard Moltor when helping the Phoenix people to look for the eggs of the firebirds.

The egg hunt will start at the outdoors stage Sunday at 11:00. Then let yourself go,  Kaernunos will entertain you with their magical show.

Parents are required to stay with their child (ren).







Prima Nocta (b)

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of their formation, Prima Nocta, the "Belgian Corvus Corax" does us the immense honor of being present at Trolls & Legends.

Prima Nocta is a team of 6 barbarians that will drive you mad at the crazy and punchy sound of their bagpipes, drums and bouzouki.

Luckily you will be able to enjoy it fully as they will be present on the outdoor stage every afternoon for a concert of more than one hour. Be careful, their energetic madness is very contagious.

Some Fries, A Cuvée des Trolls and Prima Nocta ... what else?







Les Chatsseurs d'oiseaux

Chatsseurs doiseaux 03

Originating from their distant native Siberia, these cats are specialized in the capture and breeding of birds. They never hesitate to travel far from home in search of rare species.

Always accompanied by their cat'man, as  tradition requires, these charming cats do not hesitate to stop here and there to present some cat'pters of their history ...

Street art then becomes the backbone of a strange dream journey. Keep your ears wide open and close your eyes, listen to the sound of the wind in the trees, the songs of birds, the hushed footsteps of some strange creatures roaming ... Wild Siberia and its enchanting landscapes are not so far from you ....



Les fourvoyeurs

les fourvoyeursLes Fourvoyeurs is a company gathering many comedians from the area of Mons. They come from various circles including those of improvisation, theater, music. Their striking characteristic is their interactivity with the public. Nothing is written down beforehand and the public unwillingly becomes their topic. For Trolls & Legends, the Fourvoyeurs, a team of 30 actors  will cook up a unique and original show with costumes exclusively created for our event. We will not tell you more, but you will definatelly cross their path everywhere ... we really mean everywhere.










perkeltPerkelt will enchant you every afternoon with a concert on the outdoor stage.
These young British will charm you with their celtic / folk melodies rhythmed by the sound of flute, guitar and tribal percussions, not to forget the energetic voice of Paya.








Tortequesne - the storyteller

Tortequesne is  a recognized storyteller in the field of fantasy. He also mastered the tales and legends of the North, his land of origin.

He will stroll on the festival to tell legends and fairytales to our visitors. With his strong voice, punctuated by devilishly expressive mimics, he will know how to attract young and old alike. Watch the video below, it will tell much more about Tortequesne than we could.

At Trolls & Legends, Tortequesne will also participate in the PRM project by coming to tell his stories in the presence of a sign language translator once a day. Check the program to find out the schedules. 


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