Exhibition Section

During this 7th edition, new spaces will be devoted to the Exhibition section. Various masterworks from the world of illustration, comics and sculpture will be unveiled for your  greatest pleasure!





Adrian Smith (uk)  

Adrian Smith was born in Sussex, a county south of London in 1969. After school, he starteed working right away, but felt there was more to do in life. He then began to study Art at Goring-by-Sea.
Following a friend's advice, he decided to send a portfolio of his drawings to Games Workshop, publisher of the famous role-playing Warhammer, and was hired. At 20, he became one of their major illustrators and worked from the very first day on Warhammer and Warhammer 40000.
A year later, Adrian decided to resume his freelance career. During this period he produced covers for Toxic, Wizards of the Coast and Fantasy Forge, and worked for some time on the famous game Kryomek. He then realized that he had built a solid reputation in the world of freelance design, but started dreaming of Games Workshop again after seeing the production of the some new artists of the studio. He returned to Games Workshop.
His countless illustrations of warriors and extraordinary creatures made him an undisputed master of heroic fantasy. His drawings are published around the world in fantasy magazines such as White Dwarf, and his drawing continues to inspire illustrators, cartoonists and game designers.
He is also the author of the cartoon series BRÖZ, with Pat Mills in the screenplay, and Chronicles of Hate, a breathtaking black and white graphic saga in two volumes.
A selection of his paintings, drawings and sketches produced for Games Workshop, Black Library and Sabertooth Games was released in 2003 under the title The Art of Adrian Smith, a cult book that is now out of print. In 2008, Dark Fantasy released The Universe of Adrian Smith, an album in the form of a bestiary world of shadows.
More recently, he has collaborated on several major board games such as Conan, The Others: 7 sins and has created the whole visual universe of Rising Sun (to be kickstarted in 2017) and especially Blood Rage, where Vikings clans compete for glory at the time of Ragnarok in a world full of warriors, Vikings gods and creatures of Nordic legend (Fenrir, Giants ...). The Art of Blood Rage will be on display in our exhibition spaces.



Adrian Smith is the guest of honor for the 7th edition of Trolls & Legends, for which he has designed the poster. Meet Adrian Smith in the exhibition space as well as in the games area, where you can also admire the figurines made after his illustrations.




Didier Graffet (f) 

Born in 1970, this French illustrator evolves in a medieval-fantastic style and explores both Nordic and Celtic mythology. He has studied traditional art and art history and is a graduate of the prestigious Émile-Cohl school.
Passionate about fantasy, he began his career in role playing and got his first order in 1994 for the cover of the magazine Casus Belli. He immediately established his reputation as the leading painter of Fantasy in France, namely with his early collaboration with Bragelonne. Among his many works, there is the complete illustration of Jules Verne's Vingt Mille Lieues sous les mers (for which he was rewarded in 2003) and L'Ile mystérieuse (Gründ Editions). Both made him known to the public, as well as covers of David Gemmell's novels, when those were spread throughout Europe.
In addition to very beautiful exhibitions, such as the one held recently at the Maghen gallery on the theme of the nineteenth century with on top the release of Steampunk: Steam and Steel (De vapeur et d’Acier, Le Pré aux Clercs, with texts Of Xavier Mauméjean), he was the author of the artbook Mondes & Voyages, published a few years ago at Bragelonne as well as the calendar, A Song of Ice and Fire (after the work better known under the name of Game of Thrones, George RR Martin). For the first time at Trolls & Légendes, he will be signing books on the stand of the Editor, his works will also be highlighted in the exhibition part of the festival.


Charline (f) 

Charline is an illustrator from Normandy. She is passionate about Imaginary and medieval imagery. Since her childhood, she has been developing an astonishing graphic universe full of details and chimeras. Inspired by nature, she favours watercolours, which allow her to create special and poetic atmospheres.

 Charline Expo Alwena Charline Expo le dieu feuillu Charline Expo valse sur leau

She works in the field of children books, fairy tales, cartoons and CD covers. She also works freelance with her colleague Evelyne, whose art and pencil work lile a real juwelry for the small magical people living in the world gathered on the pages of their masterpieces.




Chloé C. (f)

Born in France, Chloé C. made Belgium her home after having spent 5 years in the United States. History does not tell us whether it was our Belgian beers that convinced her to stick around after having studied comics for 3 years in Belgium. Curious about (almost everything) in a world that fascinates her, she draws comics hoping that they would bring little laughter and love. Her work can be read online - a lively and immediate media that suits her well.Go Get a Roomie! , her first webcomic, centers around Roomie, a young woman living her life to the fullest - we'd be tempted to call her a hippie (and that's how she defines herself) that we would be tempted to call hippie if it was not a little too strong.

But it is for Headless Bliss, her other webcomic, that we invited her to join us at Trolls & Légendes. Headless Bliss is a favourite of ours, in the words of the author, "a story about stories story-telling, and other metaphysical themes such as humour! Fights! Heads flying and legs missing! Adventures galore and failed teamwork! Fantasy realms and nonexistent rules! Character bonding and growth and nightmares! And last but not least... things that will make you WOW that is fucked up."

Chloé will be signing in the literature section of the festival during the weekend.


petit picto tweeter copie








Donjons & Dragons - Bosse & Darasse (b & f) 

There are many links between comic books and role-playing (Dungeon of Sfar & Trondheim or Naheulbeuk... among many), but did you know that the story goes back further? The youngest ones, sorry, those with a few more experience points will certainly remember: in 1984, a strange group of adventurers appeared in the Journal de Tintin . Living in a small village, 3 young people gather secretly at evenings to play and experience epic adventures with Dungeon & Dragon run by a master of the game, the village grocer in real life. L'abominable trésor du galion maudit, Le Cratère de la Mort qui vole or La Revanche de Grunda l'Impitoyable are some examples of these extraordinary adventures full of jokes, with a sense of humour in the purest Belgo-French tradition.
DonjonDragon TL BosseDarasse MJ
But beyond the comic strip, Donjons & Dragons was for the great majority of readers of the Journal de Tintin, the very first encounter with the universe of the roleplaying games. It seduced new players, according to the letters of some readers addressed to the Newspaper in order to request for more information about the game in question (the newspaper published an article about the phenomenon in the 437th issue - 1984). This was all about the legendary Dungeons & Dragons game, which, as the name indicates, was the basis for the comic. Bosse & Darasse took some of their game sessions as starting points for their scenarios, exaggerating the distortion between the epic actions of the players and their daily lives. Unfortunately, the end of the Journal de Tintin in 1988 also meant the end of the series. The series never got its own book. 
DonjonDragon TL BosseDarasse Dragon
Trolls & Légendes is proud to present, with Bosse's explanatory texts, a few of the original pencil drawings of this series which, long before our festival existed, made the link between different areas fantasy. Before, who knows, why not a future edition?
Bosse will be signing in the games section on Friday.

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