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Adrian Smith (uk)  

Adrian Smith was born in Sussex, a county south of London in 1969. When he left school, he entered directly  the world of work but he soon thought that there was something else in life to do. He began then to study graphic art at Goring-by-Sea.
On the advice of a friend, he decided to send a portfolio of his drawings to Games Workshop, publisher of the famous role-playing Warhammer and was hired. He became at 20 years one of their major illustrators and he  worked from the very first day on Warhammer and Warhammer 40000.
A year later, Adrian decided to resume his freelance career. During this period he produced covers for Toxic, Wizards of the Coast and Fantasy Forge, and worked for some time on the famous game Kryomek. He then realized that he had built a solid reputation in the world of freelance design but he started dreaming of Games Workshop after seeing the production of the some new artists of the studio, he came back to Games Workshop and spent there another year working.
His countless illustrations of warriors and extraordinary creatures made him an undisputed master of heroic fantasy. His drawings are published around the world in fantasy magazines such as White Dwarf, and his drawing continues to inspire illustrators, cartoonists and game designers.
He is also the author of the cartoon series BRÖZ, with Pat Mills in the screenplay, and Chronicles of Hate, a breathtaking black and white graphic saga in two volumes.
A selection of his paintings, drawings and sketches produced for Games Workshop, Black Library and Sabertooth Games was released in 2003 under the title The Art of Adrian Smith, a cult book but almost depleted. In 2008 Dark Fantasy released the Universe of Adrian Smith, a colored album in the form of a bestiary world of shadows.
More recently, he has collaborated on several major board games such as Conan, The Others: 7 sins and has created the whole visual universe of Rising Sun (released in 2017) and especially Blood Rage, where Vikings clans compete for The glory at the time of the Ragnarok in a world full of warriors, Vikings gods and creatures of Nordic legend (Fenrir, Giants ...). 



Adrian Smith is the guest of honor for the 7th edition of Trolls & Legends festival. He has given us the immense honor of offering us a sumptuous illustration for the poster of the Festival. Find it in the exhibition space as well as in the games area, where you can also admire the figurines made after his illustrations 






Fiona McIntosh (uk) 

Born in 1960, Fiona McIntosh grew up and worked in England until she left for Australia.  Her carrier in tourism led her to travel the planet before establishing herself as a full-time writer. With her husband and her two sons, she now shares her life between the city of Adelaide and the wilderness of Tasmania.

She is the author of the following series Trinity (Betrayal, Revenge, Destiny), Shapeshifter (Severo’s Intent, Saxten’s Secret, Wolf Lair, King of the Beasts), The Lavender Keeper (The Lavender Keeper, The French Promise).

In addition to those Fantasy series, she also wrote children's books and under the name of Lauren Crow, detective novels (Jack Hawksworth series)  .

She will cross half of the globe to sign books  at Trolls & Legends Festival. We feel very honored and are very thankful to her.



Comics strips 

Christophe Arleston (f)

Christophe Arleston (or Scotch Arleston) is a comic book writer born in Aix-en-Provence on August 14, 1963. He studied at the Marseille School of Journalism, graduating in 1987. He then worked as a journalist and responsible of communication. He made his debut as a comic writer for the Circus magazine (Glénat), then his first album, Manie Swing, with the publisher Alpen. He issued his first two series of importance, Les Maîtres cartographes and Léo Loden,  published in 1992 by Soleil. They were soon followed by the three volumes of Les Feux d'Askell.

It was in 1994 that the first volume of his most famous series was released: Lanfeust de Troy.

As a prolific writer, Christophe Arleston multiplied his masterpieces in various genres, from fantasy to polar, from science fiction to history with usually humor as the common thread. His biggest commercial successes remained nevertheless in the field of Fantasy. In 2011, he signed for the first time a comic book script with his real name, Christophe Pelinq. That was the first album of the series Chimère(s) 1887. In 2016, ActuSF published his first novel, The Dinner of the Hexes, a tale of fantasy tinged with humor. Arleston has by now created more than 170 pieces of work.

For the first time in his career, Christophe Arleston does us the honor to come to Trolls & Legends. He will be accompanied by Adrien Floch.





Jean-Luc Istin (f) 

.Jean-Luc Istin is born on 1 August 1970 in Pontivy in the Morbihan. In November 1997, his first publication as a scriptwriter and illustrator took place in a collective "BD-Clip" published by Creative Zone. He then created 4 pages.  In 1999 he created Merlin, designed by Eric Lambert. He was the initiator of a collection of Breton tales which he named “ Les Contes du Korrigan “ as he is very attached to Brittany. Following the success of this series, Jean-Luc Istin imagined then  a collection of stories named “ Celtic Sun” which gathers today no less than 17 titles. In 2013, he created the series “ Elfes”,  a concept  of 5 types of elves, 5 screenwriters, 5 cartoonists, 1 single universe. Then  the series “ The Masters Inquisitors” and “Dwarfs” soon followed. Jean-Luc Istin is a writer with multiple talents,  a real craftsman of the 9th art. He is one of our guests of honor for this 7th edition of the festival.

At Trolls & Légendes, he will be accompanied by his wife Laurence who is a colorist 




Wardruna (no)

Wardruna comes from Bergen in Norway and was founded in 2003. They are fabulous!
Wardruna makes  you travel back in time and plunges you 900 years ago, right into the daily life of a Viking horde. The group also signed the music of the famous TV ‘Vikings’.  Astonishing, extraordinary and utterly devious instruments such as trees, water, stones, torches ... Add to all this a song in runic alphabet and you get that total and powerful change of scenery!
More than just a group, it is a unique experience not to be missed under any circumstances.

For their first visit to Belgium, Wardruna gives us the immense honor of having chosen Trolls & Legends!
The 2017 edition will undoubtedly end up in apotheosis





Korpiklaani (fi)

A wild mix of folk and heavy metal from Finland. In Finnish, Korpiklaani (editor's note, Korpi for the intimates) means: Clan of the Wildlands. A whole program as we love it!
The themes the group most favor are boozy barbaric feasts,  gorgeous women  and Scandinavian forest legends,...
Would you not agree with them?!  Over the years, Korpiklaani has become a key reference in the world of metal music. This led them on international tours from Rotterdam to Vancouver... And for our greatest happiness: MONS  

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