In 2017, Trolls & Legends opens a Manga section for the first time !

We will pay our tribute to  the serie known by all, older generations as well as their children :

Saint Seiya - The Knights of the Zodiac, who celebrated his 30th birthday.

To plunge our visitors into constellations, we offer our festival-goers a program of activities full of cosmos!








Our Guests

Mamoru Yokota 

Mamoru YokotaSaint Seiya Poseidon's character designer (and Death Note's Animation Director, Naruto Shippuden and many others).
Mr. Yokota will come all the way from Japan to see us in Mons. He will offer his drawings on request (limited number per day, first arrived = first served), autographs on  drawings exclusively designed for our festival. He will lead a question and answer session, as well as a manga drawing course for adults. ( Very limited and on prior registration).
In addition to his Saint Seiya pieces of work, he will also exhibit a gallery of illustrations of Japanese Samurai made during the terrible earthquake in 2011.

Mr. Yokota will be our guest from Friday to Sunday.



Virginie Ledieu 

Virginie Ledieu, the french voice of Athena/Saori (en the voice of Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore... she also plays in the French serie Plus belle la vie).

Together with Laurence Crouzet, she will be signing a drawing of Saori/Athena and Hilda designed for the occasion.
She will lead an Q&A session with her fans.

Virginie Ledieu will be our guest from Friday to Sunday.









Laurence Crouzet, the french voice of Hilda/Sh(a)ina (as well as Uma Thurman, Tea Leoni...).

Together with Virginie Ledieu, she will be signing a drawing of Saori/Athena and Hilda designed for the occasion.
She will lead an Q&A session with her fans.
Laurence Crouzet will be our guest from Friday to Sunday.





Jérome Alquié 

Jérôme Alquié, is a professional illustrators and the author of Surnaturel, a fantasy cartoon at the Delcourt Editions.
Jérôme will hold an exhibition with drawings that he has specially designed for our festival, placed this year under the sign of the Legends of the North. The exhibition is named Souvenirs d'Asgard (Memories of Asgard).
He will sign his illustrations, and will show on his stand  his official artbook, pieces of work from his personal  collection  Sweet Savage, the cartoon albums of Surnaturels. 
He will also give to the youngest a manga drawing lesson ( very limited ).

Jérôme will be our guest from Friday till Sunday.





Marco Albiero 

Marco Albiero, professional illustrator and a fan of Saint Seiya and Sailor Moon.

Marco will also show Spaceweaver on his stand.










Spaceweaver, illustrator, wil exhibit his Saint Seiya illustrations and will share a stand with Marco Albiero.









Eagiel, Adelina et Korin2B

Eagiel, Aelina et Korin2B, female illustrators, will give us the pleasure to exhibit their work related to various adaptations of the serie.

They will all be our guests from Friday till Sunday.






Great FanArt Contest

A big FanArt contest will be organized.
The jury will consist of the above-mentionned illustrators, as well as Mr. Yokota.

Each illustrator will choose his favorite drawing and create an exclusive drawing for his author.
The first prize, selected by Trolls & Légendes, will be an exclusive drawing of Hilda directed by Michi Himeno of Araki Prod especially designed for Trolls & Legends. This precious and unique masterpiece will be exhibited at the festival during the weekend. The results of the fanart contest will be disclosed on Sunday.







Nous sommes des héros

Nous sommes des héros will come to show their legendary artefacts and rings in the shape of the Gold Saints' helmets. The juwels' design was approved by Masami Kurumada himself !
On their stand, they will organize a cosplay contest (amateur + professional) on a photocall background, demonstrations of wax sculpture, and they will sell their magnificent jewels  and will also lead a one-hour conference on their stand.
The team of Nous sommes des héros will be our guest from Friday till Sunday


Saint Seiya Cosplay Contest

A Saint Seiya Cosplay Contest will be organised together with Nous sommes des héros. The first prize of the contest will be  a ring in galaxium in the shape of the Lion Helmet.

This ring will be custom made for the winner.
This contest will take place on Friday.






The Remake of the Battle of Asgard

Our festivalgoers will be the heroes in the remake of the Battle of Asgard. This remake is organanized together with Belgotaku association.

Throughout the weekend come and defeat the Knights with physical or intellectual tests, adapted to the big as well as the little ones. All this will happen in a good mood that was not present in Asgard. ?.



A Gallery of full-scale Gold Saints


With our full-scale gallery exhibiting the Gold Saints, you'll get the occasion to take a selfie with the Knight of the Zodiac of your sign or with your favorite one....









A geant Raffle!

A geant raffle with loads of prizes to win  (Jewels, life-size Gold Saints, Manga books, illustrations of guest illustrators, manga goodies), in partnership with our guests, Nous sommes des Héros, News Generation Shop and Kana editions.

The raffle will be done on Sunday ..

Exhibition of Amis de Ma Déesse dioramas

The exhibition of the Amis de Ma Déesse dioramas will set a focus on the Asgard aspects of the serie.

The Amis de Ma Déesse will be our guest from Friday till Sunday.


Legend of Sanctuart on Screen

The computer genarated picture of Legend of Sanctuart will be screened for the first time in Belgium.

Come and relive the Battle of the Sanctuart, revisited with the latest technology!

This screening will take place on Sunday.




Plus many other hidden surprises here and there at the turn of temples or  frozen land in Asgard !


All activities in the Manga section are free.

(except raffle tickets that are on sale in that section).

Exhibited Saint Seiya illustrations are not for sale.

Many many thanks to TOEI Animation Europe for allowing us to exhibit Saint Seiya masterpieces  — The Knight of th Zodiac. Saint Seiya — The Knight of th Zodiac is  © TOEI Animation, Masami Kurumada, Shueisha Inc.


Our partners


Editions Kana

Nous sommes des héros 

Les Amis de ma Déesse 




News Generation Shop 

Saint Seiya for Ever




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