For this seventh edition, Trolls & Legends has brought together a palette of authors and illustrators who will share with you their universes and the destiny of thrilling characters. Discover new talents or meet your favorite artists during a magical weekend ... not to forget that the signing sessions are spread over three days. You will not regret this long-awaited trip!

In the literature section of the festival, especially on the bookseller's stand, you will find our gest authors and illustrators.  In the publisher’s area, you will meet many other artists gathered on the stand of their editors, fanzines, webzines and associations working in the world of Fantasy.

Something new this edition: there are two additional focus in Literature above the Nordic Legends, the main theme of the festival. Firstly, Friday will be dedicated to Belgian authors.  Then, throughout the weekend, special focus and light will be cast on writers in children’s literature.




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