@anime is a new label for Japanese anime launched in France in the spring of 2014 by Andrew Partridge and Cedric Littardi. He is the founder of the AlltheAnime, a label in the United Kingdom and Cedric Littardi, the founder of Kazé. They exclusively offer us  the best licenses from their cataloge.

Attack on titan film 1

A few hundred years ago, humanity was almost completely exterminated by Titans. The survivors survived by building immense walls around them. They lived in peace until the day when a Titan taller than the walls attacks the city and devours the mother of the young Eren and his sister, Mikasa ...

Troll & legends will project for the first time in Belgium,  an episode of that  fashionable serie! A good way to discover it while waiting for season 2 coming up in April 2017.



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