Saturday, April 15

"Metal Rock " in general  and as whole has always been somehow linked to…, well no, actually, it has always shared  strong complicity with the Fantasy world. Sorcery, magic, fairies, elves ... are recurrent themes to this musical style. Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Manowar, Nightwish ... From the oldest to the newest, each of those artists has, at one time or another of their career, fantasized a prehistory universe where extraordinary creatures and beings would evolve. No wonder that Trolls & Legends offers on Saturday evening a musical program dedicated to friends found of metal.


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Korpiklaani (fi)

A wild mix of folk and heavy metal from Finland. In Finnish, Korpiklaani (editor's note, Korpi for the intimates) means: Clan of the Wildlands. A whole program as we love it!
The themes the group most favor are boozy barbaric feasts,  gorgeous women  and Scandinavian forest legends, ... Would you not agree with them?!  Over the years, Korpiklaani has become a key reference in the world of metal music. This led them on international tours from Rotterdam to Vancouver ... And for our greatest happiness: MONS ...

Rastaban Replugged (b) 

Warning! This is for the Festival Trolls & Legends 2017 only! Those regulars of our Festival come back with a unique show,  just tailored for you, friends of Trolls. A full metal set for the very first time in their career, sparks will fly. When you know that their  "classic" style already provoked  unusual emotion ... Yum yum, we already salivate, we can’t wait.




Skeptical Minds (b)

Melodic and bewitched goth metal,. Active since 2002, the band (coming from Charleroi and Brussels) is definitely a safe bet. Six albums (yeap, no less!) and hundreds of concerts in Belgium and abroad. Skeptical Minds keeps on amazing us. Top level musicians, a singer who would drive mad a battalion of neurasthenic  fundamentalists ...  What an honor for the "Trolls & Legends Festival" to have them perform.

Ithilien (b) 

One of the most fashionable Belgian bands, hard rock trend, of the moment. Ithilien takes you on a journey of black metal, folk and Nordic / Viking traditions. Gorgeous sounds and atmosphere that even managed to enchant the Japanese public on a tour of "Eluveitie" in June 2014, when opening the concerts. Respect and Banzai! Trolls & Legends, that is where they just belong to!






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