Sunday 16 April

Reflection, introspection, as we are connected to the nature and gods.  Sunday will be mythological or will not be ... Let it be said, that is for sure!
A show dedicated to folk and acoustic sounds, slowly rinsing in power. To start with, nice Elven lamentations (be prepared, it will quickly turn into a uproar among Valkyries under amphetamine…),  to finish with - Viking songs. Four groups that will be our smugglers, taking us  from here below on earth to up there and far beyond. You will become the willing  hostages of a ghastly Drakkar, by Odin!
It is time for us, poor mortals,  to devotedly meditate!  Valhalla ... Here we come!



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Wardruna (no)

Wardruna comes from Bergen in Norway and was founded in 2003. They are fabulous!
Wardruna makes  you travel back in time and plunges you 900 years ago, right into the daily life of a Viking horde. The group also signed the music of the famous TV ‘Vikings’.  Astonishing, extraordinary and utterly devious instruments such as trees, water, stones, torches ... Add to all this a song in runic alphabet and you get that total and powerful change of scenery!
More than just a group, it is a unique experience not to be missed under any circumstances.

For their first visit to Belgium, Wardruna gives us the immense honor of having chosen Trolls & Legends!
The 2017 edition will undoubtedly end up in apotheosis.








Acus Vacuum (b) 

These four robust guys coming from the Belgian Ardenne will  perform in blood and thunder. Pure and harsh pagan / medieval folk just like Bastogne, that small rogue Belgian village!
Music for insiders, mainly instrumental and played with such passion.  Completely hypnotic, martial  melodies whereas soothing  at the same time. Sorcery or magic? It's up to you ... whether you are fire or water, war or peace, Acus Vacuum will put you on your knees ... And you will ask for more!






Karolina Pacan (pl)

Karolina and Michel (respectively singer and guitarist of Skeptical Minds) will come to present their new project. Much more than a "simple" music album, Rusalka is a concept centered on Polish legends, which will also transport you into the graphic universe of Alain Poncelet. A surprising and exotic ballad.




Hano-ah (b)

A young singer and pianist from the area of Mons. An intimate atmosphere. An amazing voice, sometimes fragile (Tori Amos, Kate Bush ...), sometimes wild (Amanda Palmer, The Dresden Dolls ...), that will strongly make you fly higher than a fairy. Close your eyes, let her take you by the hand ... There we go, off we take ...








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