For your comfort, Trolls & Legends will last three full days and be spread over two sites for a total surface of 20,000 sqm (at the Micx and the Lotto Mons Expo). On the tab ‘Program’, you will find all the details about the new features for the 2017 edition.

This year, the festival takes place on three full days. On Friday, unlike the previous editions, doors will open at 11am.

A campsite is foreseen near the festival, within the limits of the places available.

Due to the current affairs, security measures have been strengthened and have become quite strict. Those measures have been fully detailed in the FAQ section. Please read them and respect them. Bags will be systematically checked at the entrance. In this context and in order to limit waiting lines as much as possible, we strongly advise you to avoid backpacks. Please note that weapons, animals and food are prohibited.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, do not buy tickets outside our online shop. Each ticket has a barcode that will be scanned once. If the ticket you have bought on the black market was copied several times, you are bound to see your access to the festival denied.

Finally, as usual, children under 12 are our guests, they are granted free access to our festival (only the festival entrance). So do not buy them a ticket . However, children must be accompanied by an adult.

All tickets are not refundable.



The VIP Package includes:

  • Reserved parking and access via the separate VIP entrance;
  • Two quality meals, including 3 services, in the VIP area, also attended by the guests of the festival;
  • Unlimited access and consumption at the VIP Bar;
  • A reserved seat for film screenings;
  • Full access to festival and concerts (of the chosen date);
  • An autographed EX-libris
  • A signed photography of one of the actors present that day (the total number of dedications is limited and is not free, yours will be reserved and is included in the package)
  • Goodies from the festival.



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